The Administrative Assistant

There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • Who Is the Administrative Assistant?
  • Checklist of Responsibilities

Chapter 1: Wearing Many Hats

  • Managing Multiple Roles
  • What Hats Do Others See You Wearing?
  • What Your Manager Expects

Chapter 2: Assisting the Manager

  • Are They Lost Without You?
  • Anticipate Needs
  • Act as a Communication Liaison
  • Making the Connection
  • Act as a Communication Buffer
  • Take Over Projects for Your Boss

Chapter 3: Supervising Office Operations and Support Staff

  • Are You Ready to Be a Supervisor?
  • Supervisory Skills Self-Assessment
  • Seven Supervisory Challenges

Chapter 4: Providing Information

  • Are You a Wealth of Information?
  • Developing the Detective Hat
  • Sharing the Information

Chapter 5: Special Concerns of the Administrative Assistant

  • Personal Requests
  • Work Overload
  • Dealing with Interruptions
  • Supporting Two or More People
  • Conclusion

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