Conducting meetings

Unit 1: Fundamentals of conducting meetings

  • Topic A: The purpose of meetings
  • Topic B: Planning meetings
  • Topic C: Participating in meetings
  • Topic D: Closing meetings

Unit 2: Managing meetings

  • Topic A: The role of leaders
  • Topic B: Decisions and ideas
  • Topic C: Eliminating groupthink

Unit 3: Conflicts, climates, and difficult personalities

  • Topic A: Resolving conflicts
  • Topic B: Meeting climates

Unit 4: Communicating as meeting leaders

  • Topic A: Communicating clearly
  • Topic B: Using effective language

Unit 5: Listening effectively and asking questions

  • Topic A: Improving listening skills
  • Topic B: Asking effective questions

Unit 6: Communicating nonverbally

  • Topic A: Nonverbal communication
  • Topic B: Interpreting nonverbal communication

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