Business Administration is the study of the overall running of a business. It includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations, as well as related fields which include accounting, finance, project management and marketing.

This 1 year course is aimed at a learner who is looking to be an information worker in a business or project administration environment. The qualification offers the learner knowledge and skills in Administrative duties, Comprehension, Business Writing, Problem Solving, Ethics, Self-Management and Development, Teamwork and Business Policies and Procedures. The Qualification will equip learners for jobs such as Personal Assistant, Executive Administration, Financial Assistant, General Management, Relationship Management, Legal Assistant, and Project Assistant.*


The Programme is comprised of correspondence self study, completing and submitting of Assignments online, attending scheduled workshops (not compulsory), and writing final summative Exams at the chosen campus.

Workshops will be scheduled during the semester at for students to attend at the campus. Learners must RSVP for the workshops. There will be no additional workshop dates provided. Dates will be pro-vided to learners in the Programme Academic Handbook in the welcome pack.

Learners must submit Assignments via the Student Portal by the due date and no later. Due dates and instructions will be provided to learners in the Programme Academic Handbook in the welcome pack.

Learners must write Examinations on the provided dates at the chosen campus. Exam dates and instructions will be provided to learners in the Programme Academic Handbook in the welcome pack.

Learners may attend the formal Graduation Ceremony on the earliest available date after completing the programme, provided fees are settled in full.

All iStudent Academy Limited Contact Programmes include:

  • All Textbooks
  • Laptop PC
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Workshops on Campus

Support will be offered to learners by way of electronic assistance. A support ticket will be issued via the email system that a subject matter expert will respond to. Personal support is provided at Workshops.

Learners who successfully complete their qualifications with iStudent Academy have members only access to the Career Development Programme, where exclusive job opportunities for our Graduates are posted.

Learners will be enrolled in the current intake that is open. This intake will run for one year after the closing date. Learners will have to abide by that intakes Assignment, Workshop and Examination Dates. Learners must complete their programme in the allocated duration or they will pay per module not completed.

2 Intakes per year — closing 1 March and 1 July

Learners will be couriered Welcome Pack of Academic materials including installed Laptop and Textbooks upon payment of deposit.




This module focuses on introducing and developing students’ business computing skills and their understanding of computing in a business environment.

Business computing skills covered in the course relate to spreadsheets, word processing, search techniques and the use of computers as a presentation medium, using the Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

40 Credits

The aim of this module is to teach learners to communicate effectively in a business environment, using a variety of techniques including oral and written communication skills.

24 Credits

This module will teach learners how to analyse new developments reported in the media that could impact on a business, sector or industry .

12 credits

This module will give the learners the skills to display cultural awareness in dealing with customers and colleagues .

12 Credits

This module will teach learners essential skills required to develop a plan to enhance team performance.

10 Credits

This module will enable the learner to achieve personal effectiveness in business environment.

18 Credits

This module will teach learners how to perform administrative duties.

16 credits

This module aims to tach learners to use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues

15 Credits

This module will give the learners the skills to perform financial planning and control functions for a small business.


Download the Course Fact Sheet for information on Subjects, Pricing and Registration. Fill in your name and email address to access the download.

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