The field of Systems Development, or Programming as our students have affectionately named it over the years, is all about learning to write a computer programming language or “code”, to create things like computer programs, software, websites, apps and databases.

This 1 year course is aimed at learners who have passed Matric with the minimum requirements to be accepted for a Higher Certificate programme, and who wish to qualify with basic programming skills in both database development, web development, and application development. Earning this qualification will qualify the learner for jobs such as a Junior Developer, Software Developer or Database Administrator.*



11 Credits

This module focuses on introducing and developing students’ business computing skills and their understanding of computing in a business environment.

Business computing skills covered in the course relate to spreadsheets, word processing, search techniques and the use of computers as a presentation medium, using the Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

22 Credits

This module covers the Microsoft MTA curriculum for 40363, 40361, 40375 and 40364.

The module aims to introduce learners to basic programming languages, concepts, platforms, and testing of code, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and C#.

22 Credits

This module prepares students for the Microsoft Azure Database Administrator Associate Certification.

This module aims to teach learners what databases are, why they are required, querying, administering and implementing them in a business, using SQL.

34 Credits

This module teaches learners the programming language of C#, which is a widely used code for application development.

34 Credits

This module focuses on developing interactive web forms, pages and sites using Javascript, HTML and CSS.

35 credits

This module will give the learners an understanding of types of businesses, entrepreneurship, organisational procedures and business plans within the South African I.T sector.