The field of Systems Support, or Networking as our students have affectionately named it over the years, is all about working with your hands – fixing PC’s, dealing with networks and servers and providing technical advice and support to end users.

This 1 year course is aimed at learners who have passed Matric with the minimum requirements to be accepted for a Higher Certificate programme, and want to specialize in the I.T Systems Support field.

The course starts with basic I.T skills, and progresses to teach the learner valuable skills to earn them jobs such as a Network Administrator, Desktop Support Technician and Server Administrator.*




This module focuses on introducing and developing students’ business computing skills and their understanding of computing in a business environment.

Business computing skills covered in the course relate to spreadsheets, word processing, search techniques and the use of computers as a presentation medium, using the Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

12 Credits

This module covers the CompTIA A+ Hardware and Software Cirriculum, and the aim is to introduce learners to hardware and software fundamentals, such as PC infrastructure, peripherals, troubleshooting and installations.

28 Credits

This module covers components of the CompTIA N+ and Microsoft MTA 40366 Cirriculum. The aim of this module is to introduce Networking concepts such as topologies, WiFi, IP Addressing, LAN, WAN and network configurations.

6 Credits

This module cover the Microsoft MTA 40367 curriculum, and focuses on introducing learners to security risks to a PC Infrastructure such as Trojans, worms, viruses and risk management.

6 credits

This module covers the Microsoft 40365 curriculum, and will give the learners an understanding of servers, including operating an enterprise server computer system.

16 Credits

This module prepares students to meet the requirements of the Microsoft MD-102 Endpoint Administrator Associate Certification.

The aim of this module is to introduce learners to full operating system installations, and configure a multi-user networked operating system.

44 Credits

This module prepares students to meet the requirements for the Microsoft AZ-800 Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure Certification.

The content covers advanced server installation, configuration and administration to commission multi-user system software on a server computer.

15 Credits

This module will enable the learner to provide technical customer support, diagnose faults and provide structured solutions.

30 credits

This module will give the learners an understanding of types of businesses, entrepreneurship, organisational procedures and business plans within the South African I.T sector.

5 Credits

This module will enable the learner to design a local area computer network for a departmental office environment using computer aided drawing software.