This ILT Series course teaches students how to plan, frame, and research decisions. Students learn how to define decisions, apply appropriate decisions frames, avoid overconfidence, deal with uncertainty, generate options and select the best one, develop numerous high-quality options, evaluate the options and make a final choice, review and learn from experience, identify optimal decision outcomes, and identify and manage linked decisions, Students will also learn how an organization can benefit from employing strategic decision-making techniques, and how to use decision-making strategies to improve negotiation skills. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Unit 1: Preparing to make decisions

  • Topic A: Fundamentals of decision making
  • Topic B: Defining decisions
  • Topic C: Decision frames
  • Topic D: Researching decisions

Unit 2: Decision options

  • Topic A: Generating options
  • Topic B: Selecting an option

Unit 3: Decision results

  • Topic A: Results of your decisions
  • Topic B: Learning from the experience of others

Unit 4: Complex decisions

  • Topic A: Decision scenarios
  • Topic B: Linked decisions

Unit 5: Group decisions

  • Topic A: Making group decisions
  • Topic B: Overcoming decision making barriers

Unit 6: Negotiation decisions

  • Topic A: Making negotiation decisions
  • Topic B: Decision making pitfalls for negotiators

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