E-mail Etiquette

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Lesson 1: E-mail basics

  • E-mail characteristics
  • E-mail programs
  • When to use e-mail
  • Writing an e-mail message

Lesson 2: E-mail policies

  • Company policies
  • Copyright laws, viruses, and liability

Lesson 3: E-mail features and security

  • Features of an e-mail program
  • Securing e-mail

Lesson 4: E-mail messages

  • Message headers
  • E-mail message body

Lesson 5: E-mail effectiveness

  • E-mail recipients
  • Message management

Lesson 6: Netiquette guidelines

  • Netiquette style
  • Emoticons and abbreviations

Lesson 7: Composing online correspondence

  • Online communication
  • Language and punctuation
  • Efficient writing habits

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