The CBP™ Business Management program is aimed for those who aspire to excellence in management. It provides vital information and skills necessary to prosper professionally in management.

It explains how to meet and even overcome business challenges and shows how to prioritize and delegate tasks, including the use of some technological tools to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

This program covers the key aspects of management with the aim of ensuring the smooth, effective and professional functioning of the business. It explains how to reduce costs, improves time management, and the quality of products and services. It also covers the basics of financial and personnel management.

The CBP™ Business Management training and Certification program is geared towards persons interested in pursuing a career in management or improving their management skills. The course provides the essential information and skills required by professionals who have to make decisions that are important to the direction and performance of an organization or business. If a practical approach to managing in any environment is what you need, then this course is for you.

At the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Develops the leadership and teamwork style
  • Develops the use of Critical Thinking
  • Develop Innovation and Creativity Skills
  • Explains the role of each individual in the organization
  • Possess a solid and in-depth knowledge of management ethics and disciplines
  • Measures and evaluates organization performance
  • To know what is meant by management.
  • Proficient in professional management skills
  • Organizing priorities and arranging them according to their importance.
  • Be delegated without over-exaggeration in management
  • Professionalize the use of technology in the service of management
  • Explains marketing management
  • Demonstrate how operations are managed
  • To indicate what is meant by financial management
  • Manage human resources effectively and successfully
  • Manages risks and crisis with confidence and effectiveness

This course requires that students meet the following prerequisites:

  1. The candidate must have a commitment to the pursuit of
  2. The candidate must have completed a high school or secondary school diploma or similar educational
  3. The trainer must be a CBP™ at ATP accredited training center or a candidate to be a CBP™

Module 1: Introduction to Business Management

Module 2: Business Skills for Managing

Module 3: Organize and Prioritize

Module 4: Delegation without Micromanagement

Module 5: Technology Management

Module 6: Marketing Management

Module 7: Operations Management

Module 8: Financial Management

Module 9: Human Resources Management

Module 10: Risk Management

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