How you look. How you act. How you present yourself. That is how you connect with the people at work who count on you for guidance. The truth is: the art of building relationships and communicating effectively is not taught in the classroom. But it is all right here. Learn how to use words, gestures and even humor to communicate better as a leader.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use the keys to effective interpersonal communication: Believability and the 9 Behavioral Skills of Communication.
  • Develop Connection with your listeners via the behavioral skill of Eye Communication.
  • Develop energy in your interpersonal communication via the behavioral skills of Posture and Movement, Gestures and Facial Expressions, and Voice and Vocal Variety.
  • Develop credibility in your interpersonal communication via the behavioral skills of Dress and Appearance and Language, Nonwords, and Pauses.
  • Develop interaction with your audience via the behavioral skills of Listener Involvement, Humor, and the Natural Self.

Part 1: Keys to Effective Interpersonal Communication

  • Believability
  • Behavioral Skills
  • Part Summary

Part 2: Developing Connection

  • Eye Contact Saved His Life
  • Developing Connection
  • Eye Communication
  • Eye Communication Patterns in Business

Part 3: Developing Energy

  • Developing Energy
  • Posture and Movement
  • Gestures and Facial Expressions
  • Voice and Vocal Variety
  • Part Summary

Part 4: Developing Credibility

  • Developing Credibility
  • Dress and Appearance
  • Language, Nonwords, and Pauses

Part 5: Developing Interaction

  • Developing Interaction
  • Listener Involvement
  • Humour
  • The Natural Self

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