Sales Skills: Basic

Unit 1: Sales fundamentals

Topic A: The sales process

  • Understanding the sales process

Topic B: Elements of selling

  • Collaborating with clients
  • Discussing decision-making practices

Topic C: Understanding sales terms

  • Discussing sales terminology

Unit 2: Your professional self

Topic A: Developing your character

  • Identifying beneficial personal characteristics
  • Identifying beneficial skills
  • Managing yourself
  • Establishing credibility
  • Behaving professionally

Unit 3: Handling clients

Topic A: Finding your clients

  • Prospecting for potential clients
  • Making successful sales calls
  • Discussing networking

Topic B: Connecting with your clients

  • Discussing the importance of visibility and allies
  • Putting the client at ease

Topic C: Finding solutions

  • Discussing the problem-solving process
  • Taking a proactive approach

Unit 4: The sales presentation

Topic A: Anticipating objections

  • Handling stalling and objections

Topic B: Creating a sales presentation

  • Discussing the presentation
  • Identifying the characteristics of a good presentation
  • Identifying presentation elements

Topic C: Responding to objections

  • Addressing objections

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