Advice in relation to COVID-19

The safety of our clients, students and employees our first priority.

With due consideration to the Presidential address on 15 March 2020, Think360 will continue scheduled classes as planned until further notice, and we have implemented the following strategies:

  1. iStudent Academy full time tertiary students classes that are held on our premises have been postponed until after Easter weekend, in line with the schools, to lessen the traffic through our premises daily substantially.
  2. Personal hygiene is more paramount than ever – please make use of the on site sanitation products as well as carry your own products. We have implemented strict hygiene control mechanisms and products for our facilities, computers and door handles, but we encourage you all to carry hygiene products of your own as well, such as sanitizing wipes and hand wash.
  3. If you have travelled internationally or are close to someone who has travelled internationally, please be very aware of the COVID 19 symptoms. If at all possible, quarantine yourself for 14 days or get tested.
  4. If you feel symptoms, get tested. Please do not go to work or any public place where you can potentially contaminate your surroundings or other people.
  5. If you test positive and have visited our premises in the last 14 days, please inform us immediately so we can notify everyone you have been in contact with to quarantine themselves. Then quarantine yourself to avoid spreading the virus further.
  6. Use the elbow greeting and avoid touching people. Sanitize your hands often and avoid touching your face.

We will continue to monitor and take advice from the health authorities and should the situation change we will advise accordingly.

We thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time. Wash your hands, stay healthy, and greet with your elbows!

Jason Davies